Microbiology has generated a lot of buzz from the past few years leading to a rush in the number of students who are looking to pursue this field as a carrier. Microbiologists are scientists who study microorganisms and infectious agents that cannot be seen through naked eyes. There is vast scope in the field of microbiology due to the advancement in the field of science and technology. The scope in this field is immense due to the involvement of microbiology in many fields like medicine, pharmacy, dairy, industry, clinical research, water industry, agriculture, chemical technology, nanotechnology, food, pharmacy, agrochemistry biotechnology, biorefinery, environment, pollution control and bioremediation. There is an increase in demand for microbiologists in India and globally. 


Job highlights for Microbiologists:


Food, agricultural, or environmental laboratory scientist/technologist 

Public health, medical, or veterinary laboratory scientist/technologist

As Research Scientist /Associates

Quality assurance/control scientist

Clinical or research laboratory Director /manager

Biosafety officer/Instructor/ laboratory coordinator 

University/college Professors/ Administrator 

Corporate executive

Science advisor/administrator in government


Finally, some microbiologists combine their technical expertise with interests in other fields. Hybrid careers include patent law, public policy, science writing, education, infectious disease medicines, and business analysis.